Cinéfranco, le festival International du film francophone se déroulera à Toronto, du 28 mars au 6 avril prochain.

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 Festival AMAL

“Ensemble” has been projected on two Amal cicles. Both showcases are free entrance and are welcome by two non-profit organizations.


First projection  on april 27th, by Asociación Recreativa e Cultural Os Tilos, helded in Teo (A Coruña)

The second one will take place on may 3rd, organiced by Asociación Lucernas from Cerceda (A Coruña)

We are happy to inform you that your film, Ensemble, has been selected for screening at the 2014 ALBUQUERQUE FILM & MEDIA EXPERIENCE, taking place June 1-8, 2014. This year, AFME received hundreds of submissions, so competition was especially tough. 

 Albuquerque Film & Media Experience  

  This year’s Albuquerque Film & Media Experience is going to be an event to remember with Pierce Brosnan as our top honoree, Leonard Maltin, Michael Madsen, Sharon Lawrence, Annika Marks, Brett Butler and many others.

The film will screen at a special session organized by The Alliance Française and Timandra Stage on the occasion of Bruno Chatelin’s masterclass at Unipanamerica University (Film marketing).

The film will be introduced by Bruno Chatelin and will be followed by Roman de Gare and some Q&A.

‘ENSEMBLE’ got an HONORABLE MENTION in the section of Short Films of our festival.
You can find more info about the Awards and a short Festival Summary for 2012 in our website >>

Festival’s official website :


Ensemble continues to travel on the festival circuit

The Jewish Eye Festival held this year will be the ninth Festival of Jewish Film with a theme of Jewish culture and identity. In the world there operate nearly a hundred of Jewish films Festivals every year and the Festival "Jewish Eye" is gaining momentum and a place of honor among them.

All films shown during the Festival are Israeli premiere and sometimes this is an only show in Israel. Otherwise Israeli audience could not see them.

Main theme of the program will be "The Courage in saving Jews lives". There will be the presentation of 14 films from 7 countries that tell stories of risking life for saving Jews.

The Festival opens on -16.10.12 with the film "Follow me – the Yoni Netanyahu story" About the commander of the Entebbe raid that freed the hostages of the Air France plane at the cost of his own life.

Another film called "Turkish passport" tells about Turkish Diplomats who managed to save the life of hundred of Jews by giving them Turkish (false and real) passports that allowed them to freedom.

Like the story of Giorgio Perlasca, Italian, who served as the Spanish Attaché in the Spanish Embassy in Budapest saving over 5000 Jews from their death.

Another film is about the Swiss Carl Lutz to whom thousands of inmates of the “Glass House "owe him their lives.

Among the films we will show a film on Raoul Wallenberg, the best knownamong the Righteous, and a film on a Kady (Muslim leader) who hid over 600 Jewish kids in his mosque in Paris thus saving them.

And more stories of heroism and humanity which gave life to Jews and opened doors to hope in life.

A special evening will be dedicated to a French-Moroccan director who filmed a particularly exciting story of the Jews from the Atlas Mountains. They had lived for 2000 years with the local Berber population, then suddenly, with the creation of the State of Israel left the villages all as one and moved to Israel.

Before the screening there will be a performance of singer Micha Bitton singing and telling about his childhood between Jerusalem and Shderot.

Another special event we called "a Glance to the (Orthodox) Cinema" offers diverse audience Orthodox Films produced and distributed among orthodox audiences. On this theme we shall meet with the creator behind the film "The dreamers" and the author MERLYN VINIG who wrote about the fascinating world of Haredi Cinema.

Moreover, the Festival salutes the Film Department of Tel Aviv University now celebrating 40 years of existence and creation, which will include graduates’ films concerning Jewish issues in an unusual cinematic way, and a festive screening of the film "BABYLON BLUES" which raises aromas ofrhythm, music, and especially something different that not yet seen on the screen.

The Festival serves as variegated junction of Jewish culture: stories from Eastern Europe, North Africa, Asia, North and South America and of course Israel, Jewish history, Holocaust memories, customs and Festivals in Israel, faith and Jewish life, Israel-Diaspora Relations, personal stories that reflect universal and private themes.

All this will be a great celebration of Jewish culture.

As in former years awards competition will be held under three categories – feature films, documentaries and TV films each offering a cash prize.

Waiting for you

The Festival Team

Bruno Chatelin has been named « Parrain » of the festival he will mentor the edition set to unspool march 30 & 31 inLille and offer a masterclass around the promotion of film.

the opening film will be I am Slave followed by a gala presentation of Ensemble.

He will focus his presentation on the fairy tale story of Boyz’n the Hood by John Singleton, which he promoted to a Cannes presentation which transfomed the Box Office results (by some 20M according to the Studio Chief) and was a defining moment in John Singleton’s career.

The news just came that Ensemble will play in official selection at two important festivals in the USA:

– 45th Houston Worldfest (April 13-22) playing the amazing AMC multiplex.
The festival which revealed George Lucas and Stephen Spielberg is waiting for the new work by Mohamed Fekrane.

Houston Poster

– 13th Palm Beach International Film Festival which runs April 11- 19, 2012


The film was selected by Cinergia Forum of European Cinema in Lodz (Novembre 2011)  for a special gala screening with Q&A by Bruno Chatelin, the producer, with Mariola Wiktor, the Festival Director.



9th Mediterranean Short Film Festival of Tangier (October 3 – 8, 2011)

Ensemble played for the opening ceremony of  The Tanger National Film Festival to a full audience (1500) with a standing ovation. The film is also selected for the 9th Agadir Film Festival.